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FS Rally Tires
« on: May 11, 2018, 07:34:41 AM »
Anyone need some spare rally tires for Rocky Mountain Rally? I can deliver to Invermere.

4x Yokohama A035 A70. 205/65R15. Some tread left. $125

2x Yokohama A035 A30. 205/65R15. Good tread left. $150

2x Yokohama A035e A30. 205/65R15. 2 lefts. Good tread left. $200

4x Silverstone S-525. 16/64-15. 2L+2R. Very good tread (one new). One 5x100 rim. $600

4x Falken AS-010 Med. 195/65R15. Ok tread. $200

3x Falken AS-010 Med. 195/65R15. Good tread. $225

2x Falken AS-010 Med. 195/65R15. Some tread w/ cracks. $50

1x Hankook Ventus. 160/610R15. Good tread. $80

1x Pirelli ASG-M1. 205/65R15. Left. OK tread. $40

4x Yokohama A035. 165/65R13. New. $250

4x Michelin ZAL81. 17/65-15. Well worn. 5x100 steel wheels (one bent/junk). $150

4x Dmack DMG2. 195/65R15. Good tread left. VW 4x100 alloys. $600

4x Bolted ice tires. 165R15. Not sure how well they hold air. $150

4x Michelin C5 street studded. 10/62-15. $500
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FS Rally Tires
« on: May 11, 2018, 07:34:41 AM »