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SOLD: 2005 WRX wagon
« on: August 23, 2017, 03:32:13 PM »
Description: Here's Pumpkin's build thread, warts-n-all.
She's built to handle on the street but not race, so if you think you're getting a racekar you can move along to the next rod knocker. She looks like a dirty ***** but is, in fact, a refined old lady and deserves to be treated with respect and ridden like one.

I've never seen a check engine light. Yarp, I'm either shortsighted or the bulb is blown. In all seriousness, this car should provide many more years of winter happiness and summer goodenoughness if you treat her with respect. She currently sits at 235xxx km and is being daily driven.

Selling because I have plans for another ride.

The Good:
- freshly detailed, non-smoking car. Recent oil change.
- $4k engine refresh, including head gaskets, TB, clutch, etc at 209k km. Check the build thread.
- just about every single piece of perishable rubber under the car has been replaced with either fresh rubber or urethane.
- pretty decent stereo and sub. Blue tooth, but not Andoid auto (who has $700 for a head unit anyway?).
- $6000 purchase price includes pretty much everything in my basement 05 WRX related:
    - two sets of wheels and tires. Details are in the build thread. One season on each.
    - Spare turbo (100k km)
    - box of original bulbs (everything interior is LED), headlight bulbs.
    - Subaru panel fasteners
    - a couple? oil filters and crush washers
    - new front bearings/hubs, which weren't necessary I just grabbed them at the same time as the rears which were necessary.
- Notable omissions to the above:
    - weathertech mats (negotiable)
    - aluminum undertray (also negotiable)
    - anything of value if you want to make an offer (not negotiable)

The Bad (mostly cosmetic):
- crack and a chip in the windshield. Today I was quoted $175 for replacement by Windshield Surgeons. They will honour that quote for the new owner.
- hail dings in the body. Didn't notice until way too late and never bothered to claim it under insurance.
- I pulled the fog lights to sand them back and polish out the nasty pitting. They're partially done and will be included but you'll need to finish them off or PnP some spares.
- needs an alignment. Right now the fronts are maxed out and will camber wear the summer tires. I was holding off thinking I would do the front bearings first. Toe seems okay but should be checked.
- the headlights look smokey but I've polished them since the photos and they still have a good throw.
- driver's side tint is peeling after I accidentally locked the keys inside on a -25C winter morning with the engine running. Lockily (haw haw) the door was ajar and I could wedge a piece of wood inside to wind the window down. Unfortunately the tint lifted and now it's unravelling like a well loved woollen sweater.

The Ugly:
- re-sprayed white once upon an ownership. Looks good from far, but far from good. Bumper looks beat to shit. I have a can of matched paint which I'll toss in.
- I never got around to steam cleaning the rear seats after small children stomped over them in salty/muddy boots. Not mine, but you know who you are.

Location of seller: Calgary
Willing to ship: Sure, but time is money. We can negotiate how much it would cost me to bring the car to you after your payment has cleared. Bus fares are cheap, flights not so much.
Method of contact: PM please.
Price: $6000 firm. If you want to haggle we can discuss what you'd like to remove from the package deal.

Sub box isn't shown, but included in sale:

The bad:

Hail damage:

Windshield crack:

Drivers window tint:
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SOLD: 2005 WRX wagon
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Photo by Ian Gulinao

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