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1984 honda CRX

82xxxkm on body
approx 100,000km on engine
roll cage
not a rust bucket, but not a show car either
Cheap at $2250obo <====New price!
Pictures are here:

All race cars have history, so here's the short story on this little honda:
This CRX was converted from a street car to race at race city in 1991 by a racer up in Edmonton. He put in the cage, a 1500cc engine, lightened flywheel, weber carb, some suspension improvements and stripped the interior. It only raced at RC one season, then was used for some autocross, but mostly just sat in storage for many years. Eventually a neighbor bought it as a father and son project. Dad is a licensed mechanic who got the car back on the road for his son, but sonny didn't like such a small car so he put it up for sale after a couple months of driving it. I bought it a few years ago with some sketchy plans to take it racing, but it has mostly been used as a shelf in my garage with occasional sporting drives. Now it's time to let someone else have a chance at this car. Everyone's procrastination to go racing has kept this car from wearing out.

What's good:
- This is the smallest and lightest CRX.
- Finding a CRX of this vintage is difficult, and finding one with this kind of low mileage and a solid body is next to impossible.
- The whole package is about what the cage would cost you.
- The guy from Edmonton who last raced this car remembers it fondly and said it handled very neutrally and was a lot of fun.
- Last registered in Alberta in 2016.
- Glass is good, windshield is like new.
- Two racing seats: sparco evo and corbeau (plus a spare honda seat).

What's bad:
- It's a bit ugly: paint is faded flat black. Trim is imperfect or missing in some places. Interior is stripped. Smells vaguely like cheese. Your grifriend will probably hate it.
- The weber carb makes it tricky to start in winter. Not impossible, just tricky. In summer it starts no problem.
- One small rust hole in floor pan. Otherwise the body looks solid.
- Radio doesn't work. If you care you're probably looking at the wrong car.
- Bodywork shows some ripples after a repair to a back corner. Not awful, just not pretty. Hood is slightly dented from someone forgetting to put the hood pins in. Wasn't me.

What it needs:
- Wheels and tires. The CRX comes with some 16" wheels and tires that are really a bit too big for the car. But wheels and tires are cheap and plentiful for this car. I have some 15" Champiro street tires like new that I can throw in for a little extra.
- If you are going to road race it you will need updated safety equipment. For example, harness is out of date, kill switch is wrong and window net is missing.
- Driver's seat is mounted to the floor because I am very tall. Chances are you will need to remount the seat to fit you.

How do I see it?
- Pictures are here:
- I live in Invermere, so you will need to drive out here to see the car. A pleasant 3 hour drive from Calgary.
- Or email me and we can setup a skype,

Thanks for reading this ad. You can contact me at "csds at shaw dot ca"

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Re: 1984 honda CRX low mileage with cage - cheap
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Re: 1984 honda CRX low mileage with cage - cheap
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I would love to see some pictures of the car! I'm sure your ad would also recieve more attention if it had some photos in it.

Somebody on WSC posted a good write up on how to post pictures in the forums.

Quote from: WSC Member
"The upload folder is full. What do I do?"
"I can't attach my pics, they're too big!"
"I've never used a forum before." *goes crosseyed and jumps off a cliff*

If any of these statements or actions have applied to you, then here are some answers.

If you want to put pictures into your post, please create an account on a photo hosting site. This allows people to see FULL size pics in full quality. Then when you post a "WTF is this wire doing here?" picture, we don't all have to squint because you had to reduce the picture to this:

Create an account on a photo hosting site. Here are a few suggestions.

All of these sites have free and subscription options. They all have their ups and downs, pros and cons. They also have their own purposes. Make sure you choose the right one, or you'll have things happen that you didn't want to happen. Run out of bandwidth, run out of space, have pictures "disappear".
Flickr is a photographer community. It allows you to comment on and tag photos.
Photobucket is starting to add more and more features like flickr, but I find it to be more of a picture dumping site.
I deal with Flickr and photobucket, so those are the two sites I'll give you some pointers on here.
I'm not going to teach you how to take a picture and upload it. You can finger that out.
What I will show you is how to get the uploaded photo into a post on WSC.

First, figure out what works for you.

Once the photo is uploaded, Photobucket gives you a list of ways you can share them.
Note that WSC uses BBCode, so you will want to look for the [ img] tag lines.
(FYI, RTFM:;page=post#bbcref )

Find the line with the img tag, and copy it. In the below example, it's the fourth option.

The line of code you will be copying looks like this:
Code: [Select]
Now you can paste that code into your post, like so:

Hit post (because at this point, I'm sure you've already hit the Spell Check button), and you will see your fancy picture now embedded in the post!!

First, finger out which one works for you:

Flickr is a bit of a different dog, because according to the Community Guidelines and Terms Of Use:
However, Flickr has finally acknowledged that BBCode forums exist on teh interwebnetz. As such they have made this pretty easy.

To get the appropriate URLs to Flickr images, click the icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it (the now universal icon for "share") in the lower right side of the picture.

Click the down arrow beside "Grab the HTML/BBCode".
Select the BBCode radio button at the bottom.
Select the size of image you want to display on the forum.

Copy the precoded section into your post.

IMG_4131 by snackerz, on Flickr
Easy peasy.

Notice that if you hover over (and click) the above picture, it will take you to my flickr page and photo. (Notice also that ALL of my images in this post are clickable, except the very first one and the failPorsche because they are not hosted on flickr)

Thus concludes another session of snackers "Do this cause you guys are pissin me off".
Notice I did not use the "attach file" in this post, because WSC is a forum. Not a file server.

If anyone uses one of the other photo hosting sites and want to post the same sort of "how to", go for it.

Hope this helps, and GLWS :)
Cole M.
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Re: 1984 honda CRX low mileage with cage - cheap
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Price is reduced to $2250 for CSCC members and there is now a link to pictures.

Pictures are here:

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Man this thing looks fun. Used to have an '87 and loved it. Forwarded it to a friend in Winnipeg. This would make a great candidate for their ice racing series!
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There is ice racing in Alberta too. Anyone interested?

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Car is going to a new life in Sasketchewan.

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