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Hello All,

Once again the club is planning to put on a display at the World of Wheels next month, Feb 23-25.

We intend to put up to eight cars on dislplay, and so I'm looking for those interested in showing off their car.  The Car must be reasonably presentable, and we are attempting to get a range of cars: S2, S1, Rally, highly modified, stock....

If you are interested, send me a PM, or give me a call at 246-7568.  Ideally have a photo ready to send off as we will need this as part of our entry.  We need to finalize this by next week, so don't delay, we already have four individuals who have expressed an interest.

Neil Wright
CSCC President

05 Dec 2006 - New CSCC Website

Finally got the new club site up and running (still will be some tweeking as well).

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.  Just PM me with your ideas.

Some of the features:

- Discipline directors and club executive will be adding content such as announcements, event dates, documents  (rules, supp regs, entry forms, etc), FAQ items, +++
- Schedule in both the familiar table and by calendar - which will be downloadable into Outlook and iCal.

Once registered you can subscribe to various mailing lists, submit links to be added and more in the future.

Check it out!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 
I am happy and thankful that we had another successful year of road racing in Calgary. With a lot of effort, we did it. 
For the 2007 racing season we are finally going back to a complete season of two day events, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. 
The dates have already been set so you can mark your calendars, reschedule weddings and get your cars ready.
They are  June 2 - 3, July 7 - 8, August 11 - 12 and September 8 - 9
Once again we will require a prepayment on the race entry fees. (details to follow)
Keep up the good work everyone, bring more cars out and remember we need more race officials to continue making the...

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The AGM for the Calgary Sports Car Club will be held Thursday, October 5, at the Clubhouse. The AGM is likely the most important meeting of the year, and is the time when you can put thought to action and help give direction to the CSCC. We will be giving season reports for all of the disciplines, electing the discipline directors for the next season, and electing the treasurer and a new president.
At this meeting we will also be voting on a couple of long overdue motions.
The first motion will add a new director to the CSCC executive by finally recognizing SoloSprint (Solo1) as a unique discipline. For over a decade the club rules omitted the discipline, and that just isnÃ?â??t r...

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Calgary Sports Car Club Stampede Motorsports Weekend, July 8-9, 2006
Held at Race City Motorsports Park, 68 St SE, just south of 114 Ave, enter via VIP & Participants Gate (immediately south of 114 Ave)

Saturday July 8 will be on the Race City south road course. Sunday July 9 will be on the Race City Oval.


Please register online at Registration will be open online until 12pm July 8.
CSCC Supp Regs are available at: http://cscc.speedra...

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