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UPDATE:Unfortunately, the Penhold lot is not available on either the weekend of May 12-13, or the 5th-6th, so it looks like this is a no-go. Sorry everyone, I was really looking forward to it myself, and appreciate everyone's interest and willingness to pitch in. We'll make sure to book early for next year...

Ambrose had suggested we try for a test and tune at Penhold prior to the start of the season and schools. Saturday May 12 is looking like the best date, and although I haven't gotten confirmation from the property manager that the lot is available (I left a message), I was told before that it's rarely rented on weekends, so I'm going to assume it is...

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At the club meeting this week, Thursday April 5th, the Vice President and Secretary positions for the club executive will be elected.  Come on out and volunteer to help or show your support and endorse our mandate.

 As per the Bylaws of the CSCC, the executive positions of VP and Secretary are chosen on the April club meeting.

On behalf of the present executive, IĆ¢??d really like to thank Josh Keatly for all his support as Secretary over the previous year.  We would also like to remind Josh that there are no regulations limiting the reelection of the Secretary!   

As the president of the CSCC I believe the regular communication of the ongoings of the administ...

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Hello everyone. Though we are very grateful for superb effort the Braun's have put into organizing this fine TSD rally in the past, I am sad to say that this year we are in need of a fresh organizer who can volunteer some time towards this event.

I am willing to help in any way I can. Please pm me, or post if you might be interested in being a part of the rally from the 'other side'. :) I've found it to be a very rewarding experience doing the GNU with Kris these past few years, I'm sure Mudlark will be no different.

Pass this around and if you have any ideas of someone who might be interested, let me know a...

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01 Mar 2007 - World of Wheels 2007

Calgary Sports Car Club gets some new hardware.

I don't have a listing of Trophies (yet) but enjoythe pictures:

Quote from: From WCMA Website
It is that time again. We have a better year ahead with two full days each race weekend. 
As you know we must pay deposits and track rentals. The only way we can do it is we all help out. So.... 4 weekends at $350.00 = $1400.00 total 50% deposit = $700.00
We need 45 deposits prepaid by February 28. 
The method of payments will be the same as last year. Don't delay send in today.
See you at the Track!!!!

ARCA President
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