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Congratulations to CSCC members for great results at the Mountain Trials Rally in Merritt, BC this past weekend.

1st overall�  ....�  Keith M codriving for Norm L
2nd overall ....�  Eric G and Leanne J
5th Overall .... Kris S and Jaclyn S
7th Overall .... Kurt S codriving for John G
10th Overall .... Voytek S and Chris G

DNF unfortunately .... Peter H and Tomasz K

Great event, decent weather, good competition!

Kudo's to Kris and Jaclyn for stopping to pull Aaron and Graham out of the ditch which cost them 40 seconds and a 3rd place finish!!! 8O

Hey Gang,

The first race weekend is next weekend, May 27 - 28 at Race City. Racing will be Saturday afternoon/evening, and all day Sunday.

Gates open for competitors at 3:00 pm on Saturday, for a 5:00 on-track, and at 7:00 am Sunday for 9:00 on track. with racing finished at 4:00 pm.

As always, we welcome anybody who wants to come out and work the corners, whether both days or just one day. It is the second best seat in the house, with the drivers getting the best seats. Lunch provided...

The weekend is sponsored by Wheat Buckley and His Talking Horse Screenworks Inc, who will be providing trophies for the King of the Road Race, and for the

The Calgary Sports Car Club is hosting the 2006 Rocky Mountain Rally on May 26 and 27.  Top rally teams from across Canada will be in town for this Canadian Championship event.  Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Suzuki and Subaru teams are expected to put on the best show with several seed 1 and 2 drivers.

Local CSCC teams include:
Jorge/Chris - Toyota Celica
Peter/Geoff , 73 Toyota Corolla
Zebe / Tomasa, Mitsubishi Lancer
Eric/Leanne, VW Golf
Colin / Ryan, VW Golf
Neil / Lorna, Mazda RX7
Carl / Jeff, VW Rabbit
Kris / Jaclyn, Toyota Cor

Time to register for Event # 1

Click here for the Sup Regs

05 May 2006 - Happy Birthday

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