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June 7 (Saturday)   event #4   Race City road course

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We have some bad news, some of our Solo Sprint Timing Equipment has been stolen.

An enclosed trailer was broken into some time Thursday May 15, 2008 during the night, in the rear parking lot located at Enhance Electric, #10, 21 Highfeid Circle SE.

The Perpetrators broke into the side access door of an enclosed trailer by cutting the hasp off, so much for putting on break proof locks. Once inside they stole the following items:

A duffle bag containing a complete DBCOM Timing system, which include...

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08 May 2008 - Back in the day...

2003 CNAC Calgary Crew
The season started out at with a sunny day on Sunday at Penhold with a Test and Tune
If you missed out on the event: Comments have been posted here

photo credit: Murray P

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