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Welcome to the 2017 ASN Canadian National Autoslalom Championships presented by Toyo Tires!

Head over to the VCMC Forum for full details and updates:

Forum Post:

29 May 2017 - CSCC Forum Turns 15

The forum is 15 years old as of May 2, 2002.   :shake:

How about some stats to make everyone feel a bit wiser:
May 2002
o Members: 31
o Number post: 100
o Bandwidth (1 yr): 5 MB

May 2017
o Members: 1910
o Number post: 61,214
o Bandwidth (1 yr): ~51,200 MB (50 GB)

Not bad for a local club racing forum. :lol:

How far the forum has come from 2002 :poke:<...

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Ian just released some photo's from the May 13 event held in Calgary.

Show some support and buy a HD picture  :rockon::
o Group 1 Pictures
o Group 2 Pictures

Quote from: Ian McArthurs ‘Early Years’
In 1968 a few of us started thinking seriously about what to do.  We came up with three main principles for devising the ‘Great Canadian Adventure’ in the Rocky Mountains. First, the rally had to be difficult and challenging to the driver, the navigator and the car.  Second, the route had to really go somewhere.  Third, the rally had to create a character of its own to develop a reputation and a following over time.

May 27 - 28, 2017...

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