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02 Dec 2016 - New Executive Members

We've had some new blood step up to take on leadership positions in the club, the current executive is as follows:

President: Daniel Gaqui
VP: Mike Dyer
Treasurer: Steve Wadley
Secretary: Lisa Sebella
Rally: Amanda Ann
Rallycross: Peter Karabasz
Road Race: Stuart Taylor
Autoslalom: Chris Rowat

Looking forward to working with these new folks! They have some great ideas and are really motivated in helping the club!  :beer: :beer:
As last months AGM did not result in the election of a new board we will be holding the elections at this months meeting.  Please, if you care about the club consider running for a position and at the very least come out to vote.
We will be holding our Annual General Meeting at the clubhouse on October 6th, 2016 at 7:30 pm. My how time flies!

Plenty to discuss and update the membership on, as well as new executive elections. We need positions in the executive filled to proceed into the future! This and many more topics to discuss.

See you then!

We've just received an update from Matt Pullen regarding the Radium / Western Canadian Fall rally:

Welcome, this is a notice for the change of location, date and format for the Calgary Sports Car Club (CSCC) autumn rally and the 4th round of the Western Canadian Rally Championship. As you are aware the Kananaskis Rally was moved in 2013 to Radium BC because of the damage caused to the roads by the flood that year. There was always an understanding that the event would be brought back to Kananaskis Country as and when the roads were repaired. Well that has been done....<
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