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Ice Dice 2017

Winter is here and that means the Ice Dice series presented by the Calgary Sports Car Club (CSCC) will be coming soon.

For more information click here:

17 Dec 2016 - CSCC Winter Academy 2017

2016 Winter Academy Graduates

This program is an introduction to performance driving in extreme winter conditions.

2017 Program Information click here:
Wondering what the program is like?

02 Dec 2016 - New Executive Members

We've had some new blood step up to take on leadership positions in the club, the current executive is as follows:

President: Daniel Gaqui
VP: Mike Dyer
Treasurer: Steve Wadley
Secretary: Lisa Sebella
Rally: Amanda Ann
Rallycross: Peter Karabasz
Road Race: Stuart Taylor
Autoslalom: Chris Rowat

Looking forward to working with these new folks! They have some great ideas and are really motivated in helping the club!  :beer: :beer:
As last months AGM did not result in the election of a new board we will be holding the elections at this months meeting.  Please, if you care about the club consider running for a position and at the very least come out to vote.
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