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10 Aug 2017 - Facebook Login

More information can be found here:
The WCMA AutoSlalom Regional Championship has come and gone!  :good:

Photo Credit: Ian Gulinao

Did you miss out?  :x

Check out the schedule for the next autoslalom event and prepare for next year's regional championship!

[img width=600 height=400]https:...

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Welcome to the 2017 ASN Canadian National Autoslalom Championships presented by Toyo Tires!

Head over to the VCMC Forum for full details and updates:

Forum Post:

29 May 2017 - CSCC Forum Turns 15

The forum is 15 years old as of May 2, 2002.   :shake:

How about some stats to make everyone feel a bit wiser:
May 2002
o Members: 31
o Number post: 100
o Bandwidth (1 yr): 5 MB

May 2017
o Members: 1910
o Number post: 61,214
o Bandwidth (1 yr): ~51,200 MB (50 GB)

Not bad for a local club racing forum. :lol:

How far the forum has come from 2002 :poke:<...

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Ian just released some photo's from the May 13 event held in Calgary.

Show some support and buy a HD picture  :rockon::
o Group 1 Pictures
o Group 2 Pictures

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