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Quote from: Ian McArthurs ‘Early Years’
In 1968 a few of us started thinking seriously about what to do.  We came up with three main principles for devising the ‘Great Canadian Adventure’ in the Rocky Mountains. First, the rally had to be difficult and challenging to the driver, the navigator and the car.  Second, the route had to really go somewhere.  Third, the rally had to create a character of its own to develop a reputation and a following over time.


UnlimitedKeith MorisonBrad Derzaph2015 Nissan Xterra
CalculatorPeter BrookClem Salcedo1998 Ford Escort ZX2
NoviceNolan FriskyRob Jackett2002 VW Golf

The Calgary Sports Car Club is hosting a Spring Rally Test Day on Sunday May 7th in Kananaskis Country at the Forest Demonstration Loop.


Quote from: Shawn Bishop
Today's winners #cochranerally by a whopping .4 seconds, and 3rd 6 seconds behind #rally #racing #cscc #alberta #Calgary #yyc #subaruwrx #subaru

2017 Cochrane Winter Rally Results - Results calculated up to SS10 - Hunter East at 19:21

POS  CAR    Driver      CoDriver                  Vehicle         &
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