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Forum Social Login
« on: July 09, 2017, 10:46:54 PM »
This is a beta feature that is being introduced and is being rolled out.

Current Supported logins (07/2017): Facebook, OpenID
*google+ soon


How does this work and is it secure?
Authentication is handled by the social media account that you use. The email that you use for the social media account will be used on the forum (obviously).
example: facebook - you will be directed to facebook secure login and then redirected to the forum

Is it secure - that's for you to decided.

What about my password, is it stored here?
No, not in the traditional sense as the authentication is handled through the provided means by the social accounts.

Seriously what is it then?
I'm not here to school you. This is the method being utilized.

I received an email for verification - why?
We still verify the account. Spammer's / bots also use social media accounts.

I don't want to use the social login
You do not have to register with your social account. It is only an option to speed up registration and allow the option to simplify the process to post on the forum. Don't click on the social media icons to login  :lol:

I want link my current account to a social account
Go to "Profile" and select the option to link. Please keep in mind there is no method to unlink - you must do this manually (read below)

I no longer want to link to a social account
Option 1
o Sign out of the account and then go back to login and select the option "lost password"
-- Use the same email that you use for the social account and reset the password for the forum. After that login normal with your "username".
* Take note: if you log back in with a social account it will re-sync (obviously) with the social media account

Option 2
o Delete your account and start a new account

I updated / changed my social media account and I am locked out of the forum
(a) Log out forum and wait a few seconds and then log back in
(b) clear cookies
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Forum Social Login
« on: July 09, 2017, 10:46:54 PM »