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Today at 03:33 PM - Spring Rally Test Day May 2017

The Calgary Sports Car Club is hosting a Spring Rally Test Day on Sunday May 7th in Kananaskis Country at the Forest Demonstration Loop.


Quote from: Shawn Bishop
Today's winners #cochranerally by a whopping .4 seconds, and 3rd 6 seconds behind #rally #racing #cscc #alberta #Calgary #yyc #subaruwrx #subaru

2017 Cochrane Winter Rally Results - Results calculated up to SS10 - Hunter East at 19:21

POS  CAR    Driver      CoDriver                  Vehicle         &

13 Mar 2017 - WRC Mexico 2017 Round 3

Quote from:  Spencer
For those of you that are missing the Cochrane Winter Rally today, there is another rally finishing today with CSCC Member Leanne Junnila!

Finish Podium Dave and Leanne! First WRC event for this proud Team O'Neil crew #savagedave #ironlady[/quot

28 Feb 2017 - 2017 Trail of the GNU

The Trail of the Gnu is a challenging winter navigational rally, a round of the Rallywest TSD Championship, the B.C. TSD Rally Championship and also part of the CSCC TSD Rally series. The rally will be run under Rallywest rules, which can be found on (see sec 4). The approximate length of the rally is 500km, of which no more than 20% will be on clear pavement, with the remaining 80% or more on snow, ice, mud, gravel, or some interesting combination thereof. There will be a
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